27 окт 2018 - 28 окт 2018

Silverback Open 2018 (Филадельфия)

2018 Silverback Open
Venue: 2300 Arena
2300 S. Swanson St. Philadelphia, PA 19148

FREE registration for competitors

FREE Access Passes for spectators

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Schedule of Events:
Oct 27 Saturday: 
1-v-1 Open: Co-ed competition.
1-v-1 B-Girl: Limited to females.

Oct 28 Sunday: 
3-v-3 Crew: Co-ed competition.
1-v-1 Under 14: Limited to Breakers born in 2004 or thereafter, co-ed competition. 

Preliminaries begin 11:00am and final rounds begin 5:00pm each day.

Once you and your crewmates have registered as UDEF Tour Competitors (or have previously at udeftour.org/register/), follow these instructions to save yourself time at the jam to sign-up online for the Bgirl Battle, 1-v-1 Open Bboy/Bgirl Battle, 3-v-3 Open BBoy/Bgirl Battle, and/or U14 1-v-1 Open Bboy/Bgirl Battle. 

1. Go to UDEFtour.org and sign into your UDEF account.

2. Follow these links on the UDEF tour website to signup for the following battles: 

1-v-1 Open, & 3-v-3 Crew:
1-v-1 B-Girl: 
U14 Open: 

(Or click the Silverback Open event from the Tour Schedule on the website)

3. From the UDEF Event page, click the “Sign Up for this Event” button and click the appropriate option. If you are logged in, you can then either select "create a crew" or select a crew your partners have already created from the drop-down list.

4a. If you create a new crew, you will get a 3-digit security code to give to your other crew members allowing them to join your crew from the list with the 3-digit code as a password. (There is an option to enter their email addresses to send this code automatically)

4b: If joining a crew on the list: login and use the 3-digit code from the first crew member to add yourself to the online crew roster after selecting the crew name from the drop-down list.

5. Check your email inbox for a confirmation email. If you receive your confirmation you are signed up. All members must follow this process and your registration will be complete.

6. Day of the event, find the registration table and check in to notify the promoter you have arrived and are ready to battle with all members present.

Note: Each individual member must sign-up using these steps. Do not list multiple names in your name box for one entry. Crews should confirm that all members have signed up ahead of time to guarantee a quick check in at the event.

Competitors who have received confirmation emails will be added to the official registration list for this Pro Breaking Tour Champions Series competition.

If you have any questions, email info@udeftour.org.

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